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Rice UniversityCBEN
Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology

Education Overview

The goal of our educational outreach and human resource programs is to cultivate a future workforce experienced with using science and engineering at the nanoscale to solve problems in biological and environmental engineering. CBEN’s educational outreach activities are coordinated by Dr. John Hutchinson (, Director for Education and Dr. Carolyn Nichol (, Associate Director for Education. CBEN faculty members and students contribute substantially to these programs.

Teacher Professional Development

Chem 570 Lab

Chem 570: Nanotechnology for Teachers A spring semester course for CPE or graduate credit where teachers learn about exciting developments in nanoscience and relate it to core science curriculum with new pedagogical tools.

Summer Internship in Nanotechnology A paid one-month research internship where teachers experience hands-on scientific discovery and develop related lessons to bring back to their classrooms.

Resources Videos and lesson plans on nanotechnology created by CBEN teachers.

A + Teacher Challenge CBEN hosts A+ teachers for one-week internships. Please visit for more information.

K-12 Student Enrichment Programs

Nanochemistry Academy 2007

Schlumberger and JPMorgan Chase Summer Institutes Summer programs in nanochemistry and science and engineering careers for high school students in partnership with Project GRAD.

Videos of CBEN high school academies.

Undergraduate Programs

NREU Poster Session

Nanotechnology Research Experience for Community College Students Conduct research in a Rice University lab under the guidance of leading faculty and graduate students.

Undergraduate Curriculum CBEN faculty offer courses for students interested in nanosciences.

Graduate Programs

Student Leadership Council (SLC)

Graduate Student Interviews Meet some of Rice's current graduate students and learn about their research in the nanosciences

Student Leadership Council CBEN graduate students have self-assembled into a new Student Leadership Council with committees on research, communications, education, and careers.

Graduate Curriculum CBEN faculty offer a variety of courses in the nanosciences.

Community Programs

NanoDays at CMH

The Matter Factory at the Children's Museum of Houston (CMH) CBEN is actively working to develop new nanotechnology exhibits at the museum.

Nanodays CBEN faculty and students volunteer at the CMH during March.

Sally RideFun with Nanotechnology workshops at the Sally Ride Festival.

Outreach CBEN hosts lab tours and classroom visits.

Continuing Studies "Nanotechnology: What's So Big About the Science of the Very Small?" is offered every other year.