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Rice UniversityCBEN
Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology

How to Get Involved

CBEN supports collaborative research projects through regular or seed project grants awarded and reviewed on an annual basis. Faculty directly funded through CBEN on collaborative grants have a number of responsibilities to the center including participation in outreach activities, the annual conference, and research reporting to NSF. Y01 start-up funding (2001-2002) was fixed based on the initial center proposal and the resulting reviewer comments. For following years, funding is decided upon by both external and internal reviews of existing and newly proposed projects. Typically, projects are funded for two-year periods. Proposals for new project areas are typically accepted by invitation only, to ensure that their objectives and structure mesh well with the center's strategic plan. If you have a project idea that you think might fit well within CBEN, the first step is to talk it over with the center director, one of its executive directors, or its appropriate theme leader, all of whose contact information can be found on our administration page.