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Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology

CHEM 570: Nanotechnology for Teachers 

CHEM 570 Spring 2009

The weekly webcasts of Chem 570 are now available online. Chem 570 provides middle and high school science teachers the opportunity to enrich their classrooms with cutting edge developments in the field of nanotechnology.

All of the recent lectures for the spring 2009 course are archived and can be downloaded into podcasts. Click here to access the archives.


Nano Lecture Material

CHEM 570 lesson plan pic


How Technology Helps Nanoparticle Researchers

Chem 570: Nanotechnology for Teachers

Chem 570: Teaching Introductory Chemistry Through Concept Development

Alice in Nanotubeland

Nanoparticle Surface Characterization

Inorganic Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Shape Control

An Overview of Quantum Dot Synthesis, Applications and Safety

Protein Function in Nanobioconjugates



Matter and Change

RET Chem and Phys Change  

RET Chromatography

RET Encapsulation 

RET Nano and Measure

RET Penny Alloys-Demo

RET Physical Property Gold and Silver

RET Redox and Purification Teacher Pages 

RET Redox Purification Student Pages  

RET Separate Mixtures  

RET Viscosity

RET Vocab Activity Pure vs. Mixtures






Chemistry Magic Show

Nanochem Lab


Nanorust Lab

Dr. Hafner Explains Atomic Force Microscopy

Denise LeCrone Explains Dynamic Light Scattering

Courtney Payne Explains How to Use the Spectrophotometer

Nanobioconjugates by Jennifer Jamison

How Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Works

Nanosilver Synthesis

More videos are available on our YouTube Channel

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Lesson Plans

Ferro Fluid Lab

Mole of M&M's

The Scientific Method

Introduction to Nanotechnology for High School Students

Our Organic World

Introduction to Nanotechnology for Middle School Students

Nanotechnology and Fibrin Tissue

Ferrofluids Nano Lab



College Application Workshop Helpful info for High School Students

Application Strategy page 4

General Application Information

Financial Aid Information

Essay Writing


Center member James Tour has synthesized organic molecules whose structures are visually reminiscent of children. The NanoKidsTM program is developing curricular materials that introduce the nanoscale world through animated characters based on these molecules. The central theme of ‘atoms and molecules are our world’ emphasizes that most matter is made up of atoms bonding together to form molecules, which form our environment and us.  The program is initially targeting the middle-school level, as that is the point in the normal science curriculum where the concept of molecules is introduced.


The NanoKids™ Proof-of-Concept instructional materials module was introduced to teachers participating in the beta testing in a six-hour workshop June 26, 2003. This module  consists of:


  • 20-minute Proof-of-Concept DVD – 3D animated video combining two lesson/ adventures: “Welcome to the NanoLoft” and “DNA the Blueprint of Life?”
  • Interactive digital student workbook – features four ‘rooms’ (the Research Laboratory, the NanoLoft, the DNA Room, the Nanotechnology Room) with information, exercises, educational games, sound-bites, out-of-the-box imagination, and songs.
  • Teacher Guide – Step-by-step explanation of DVD, previewing hands-on exercises and discussions, post-viewing hands-on exercises and discussions, a walk through the student workbook, suggested quizzes and experiments, and decks of NanoCards©.
  • Bilingual Parent/caregiver Guide – Brief introduction to the subject matter with ongoing updates from the support web site.
  • Bilingual support web site with two components – one section for the general public and one section that is password accessible by participants in the project. Online assessments are automatically entered into a database that can export to Excel or Access for quick evaluation results.